AIS650 software upgrade

Do this!  May resolve the “confusion” of the AIS GPS and SeaTalkNG Raystar 130…

After the updgrade shoudl try and follow this advice from Raymarine Tech Support which was detailed here

Advice was: It is recommended that the ProAIS2 software supplied with the AIS650 be used to configure AIS650 to no longer output the GBS, GGA, GLL, and RMC NMEA 0183 GPS sentences.  Doing so will have no affect upon GPS data from the RS125 via the E80 being available from the 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 port of the AIS650.

PROBLEM SOLVED… The software (PROAIS2) was used to no longer output those GBS, etc sentences and the confusion was “fixed”

A little “to do” item re: the AIS Splitter

The AIS splitter requires to be on for the fm stereo antenna to work. CHAnGE THIS. More importantly make sure VHF works when the AIS splitter is off. !!!!!

Probably change switch that it is on

RESOLUTION as of 3/24/2014.  Have tested and determined that VHF does work when there is no power to the Raymarine AIS100 splitter.  Currently only sacrifice is that FM radio does not work when GPS breaker (which also powers AIS and AIS Splitter) is off…  Going to leave as is for now as I don’t listen to that much FM radio and can always make it work by throwing the breaker.

AIS650 installation

The 2014 Newport Bermuda Race REQUIRES an AIS Transmitter/Receiver so I’m uninstalling the old Raymarine AIS250 receiver (Which was installed before Class B transmitting was legal!) and installing a new Raymarine AIS650.

Here are some useful links from the Raymarine forum on doing this installation:

Worth noting that the AIS650 could be connected BOTH by NMEA 0183 and SeaTalkNG