Bermuda stopover tips from an experienced skipper

I know this isn’t “Gear” and this is the gear section of the blog…but it’s important and only place for me to put it for now (:

Mark Soares of Bermuda Yacht Service is your contact for everything Bermuda.  Berthing, customs, moorings, dockage, repairs etc…  Great guy (mid 40’s) & very professional.  (441) 334-7245 cell.  You can’t leave the boat in BDA without permission.  You can’t apply for the permission until you arrive.  No exemptions.  Mark and his mother, Sandra, arranged all the paperwork for me and walked it through the rigid British efficiency that is Bermuda Customs for $70.00.

> The trip to Tortola from BDA is 865 nm and takes 5 days when the trades are blowing.

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