2014 Storm Trysail Safety-at-Sea Seminar

Honahlee was donated to the cause of improving and maintaining awareness of Safety-at-Sea on April 5th at SUNY Maritime academy.  Here is she is under double reef and storm jib.Honahlee-at-2014-Safety-At-Sea


What’s expected of crew?

What’s expected of crew from my perspective as owner/captain? 

1) First and foremost HAVE FUN, BE SAFE.

Not safe isn’t fun and not fun just sucks.

With that said I’ve always said to my kids “Which is more important winning trophies or having fun?” and their learned refrain is “Having fun! and it’s fun to win trophies!”

We’re embarking on a “campaign” which culminates with a safe, fun and fast Newport-Bermuda Race.  I have no doubt that of the races that we sail we will some silver.  We’re doing this to compete, but fun and safe are actually higher priorities.

2) GEAR – You need to have some basic gear.  Boots, boot-liners, gloves, warm head-gear and foul-weather gear.  If you are cold, wet or uncomfortable you are much more likely to be unsafe.  If you are planning on doing much offshore sailing I’d recommend you purchase your own hydrostatic live-vest/harness and double-tether.  Between Glory and Honahlee we should have enough for everyone but mine are older SOSpenders and are NOT going to be equipped for auto-inflate.  I strongly recommend against dissolveable lozenge auto-inflate.  All lifejacket harnesses also require leg straps, that is a Bermuda Race rule (annoys me but it’s a rule).

3) COMMUNICATION – Read communications, Listen, most importantly speak up with thoughts, ideas, suggestions or concerns.

4) FORMAL HELP – We’ve already started with some “formal” roles delegation…this is immensely helpful.  More of the details on this later…

5) INFORMAL HELP – I will need some help at times lugging sails, gear and provisions.  It literally is almost impossible to do alone.  I will ask over email.  I fully expect that most of the time guys won’t be able make it or will have other obligations.  I’ll try and be sure to let you know when I’m desperate and in danger of burning out.  It is very easy for a boat owner/organizer to burn out and start races exhausted which leads to bad things…

and yikes!….  6) Be ON TIME for Dock Call!  (exceptions happen, but communicate in advance if possible and certainly on the day of by cell phone).