Sat. May 17th – NYAC Stratford Shoal Race

  1. Official Race info:
  1. H.L. DeVore (Skipper)
  2. Pete Carpenter (Watch Captain)
  3. Dan Fallon (Navigator)
  4. Hank Kosinski
  5. Ryan Zupon (Bow)
  6. Markus Lahrkamp (Watch Captain)
  7. Gerry Canet
  8. Adam Hudson (Bow)
  9. Bill Padin 
  10. Roland Schulz
  11. John Mawe
  12. John Fallon

Bill Slattery (Co-Skipper, Co-Navigator)
John Fallon (Bow)
Steve Csenge (Bow)
Kevin Fallon
Jared Balanoff

Sat. May 10th – EDLU Race

The 59th Annual EDLU Race is on Saturday, May 10th.  The official race information page is here:

Dock Call is 7 AM at McMichael’s on Saturday May 10.
McMichael’s address is 447 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
We need to lug sails and prep boat for approximately 1 hour and then motor to starting area and assess sailing conditions and set a sail prior to the 9 AM start.

Current known crew for EDLU Race (as of April 22, 2014) will be:

  1. H.L. DeVore (100%)
  2. Katie DeVore (tentative until last minute, hopeful father)
  3. Pete (100%)
  4. Bill (100%)
  5. Markus (100%)
  6. John (100%)
  7. Dan (100%)
  8. Jared (100%
  9. Gerry (100%)
  10. John Mawe (100%) – H.L. LYC friend
  11. Karen H.  from – Bill S. friend/co-worker
  12. Alex Fallon (Dan’s son)

Bermuda Crew unable to attend:

  1. Steve C. (definite no, will be sunbathing in banana hammock with elderly Floridians)
  2. Kevin F. (definite no, will be hanging with the armadillos in Texas)
  3. Hank (can’t come will be in Chicago 4-21-14)

More information on the race and the schedule:  The race is a 32 nautical mile race.  There is a barbecue and awards starting at 6:30pm per the notice of race.  When we finish obvious depend upon the wind 32 miles can be covered in as quickly as 4 hours or as long as….? 10+  There is a time limit on this race which expires at 7pm.


Course out is 84, course back is 264

The Preliminary Schedule Email (sent Feb. 4th)

Gentlemen.  Here is the Honahlee 2014 distance racing schedule.  Please let me know what you can commit to of this schedule and/or what questions you may have.


pre-Bermuda and Bermuda

1) EDLU race exact date not scheduled for 2014 but probably is Saturday May 10th (last year was May 11th)  [approx. 30 miles, day race approx. 5 hours]

2) NYAC Stratford Shoal race exact date not scheduled for 2014 but probably is Saturday May 17th (last year was May 18th)  [approx. 60 miles, extended day race, approx. 10 hours]

3) BLOCK ISLAND race start IS Friday May 23rd (Always Friday start before Memorial Day weekend)  [approx. 180 miles, overnight race, approx. 30 hours.]

4) NEWPORT-BERMUDA race start IS Friday June 20th.  [approx. 635 miles, approx. 105 hours/4.3 days]



5) AROUND LONG ISLAND race not scheduled for 2014 but probably is Thursday July 24th start (last year was July 25th start)  [approx. 30 miles, day race approx. 5 hours]

6) VINEYARD race IS Friday August 29th start (Always Friday start before Labor Day weekend)  [approx. 235 miles, overnight race approx. 39 hours]


other possible not decided post-Bermuda

7) GEARBUSTER race  race not scheduled for 2014 but probably is Saturday October 11th start (last year was October 12th)  [approx. 30 miles, day race approx. 5 hours]


IF we did everything on this schedule we are going to sail approximately 1,200 miles together in hopefully less than 200 hours/8.3 days.