Head Gear recommendation

Guys…  There is EVERY reason to believe that the EDLU, Stratford Shoals and Block Island Races will be extremely cold at night.  It is imperative that you have appropriate gear to keep you warm.  If you are cold and less able to function you run a far higher risk of injury from falling.   Stating the obvious here.

NOW is the time to do a little shopping and put together your gear bag with foul weather gear, boots, bootliners, gloves and head gear.

Here is what I recently purchased for headgear:

Headgear I purchased from Amazon

Headgear I purchased from Amazon

After trying this stuff on I’d strongly recommend the OKmilitary Dragon Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava…  It’s very warm and the face covering part goes up and down comfortably.  The ZANheadgear microfleece is interesting.  I bought it because it has a zipper down face with nice chafe protection at the top of the zipper.  I don’t like Balaclava’s that strangle you when you want to lower them to speak…  I probably could have down without the Nylon Balaclava which I bought as an underlayer… Its tight fitting stretchy…so jury is out on that one.  Will have to see.

They point here is…It’s a lot more fun when you are warm and you are lot safer when you are warm.

PLEASE get gear together and shop now if you need stuff.  I will post a few more gear recommendations in the next few days.