Last minute items


Anchor locker closure
Pole safety
Shorten pole out and mark out
Silver sharpie
Paperwork check
Emergency VHF
Simrad GPS relocate antenna!!!!!!!!
Heavy weather radar post strops
Hockey tape mainsheet block
Secret sauce
Keel plug check and caulk
Spare bilge pump
Flush aft holding tank
Check autopilot wiring
Re calibrate auto pilot.
Lock autopilot rudder indicator!!!!!!!!
Crew container bags
Wrap boat gear for container
Washers for grounding system in CPU from Helmut
Install 2nd computer monitor
Check garage freezer operation
Freeze cases of Poland spring
Call AYC again for lost gear bag
Find goggles and sleeve
Rum stash!!!!!!
Swim ladder!
Fuel up!
Water tanks flushed and refilled
Reread requirements and safety requirements
Computer printer
Rite in rain paper
Sail repair kit Glory

Late night pipe berth grommet installation