OK…time to start making the big list as daunting as that is…

  1. Epirb battery replaced/serviced
  2. locate liferaft and MOM paperwork (or get duplicates)
  3. Apparent Wind Indicator issue? (Send in for service?)
  4. Confirm AIS is transmitting and receiving
  5. Plug Cat cable into KVH and the female butt connector.
  6. Test KVH data connection
  7. Determine how to get Iridium functioning as a backup for voice (and data?)
  8. Determine method for storing Diesel cans on deck for return.
  9. Fix outhaul block/cleat
  10. Acquire old class main and have second reef added
  11. Schedule Inspection (Done…Tuesday after Memorial Day, 6pm at McMichaels) PASSED!
  12. Acquire 6 leg straps for HONAHLEE’s sospender harnesses DONE
  13. Oxalic acid hull and wax
  14. Get cover made for sprit (Jeff measured 5-20-14)
  15. Attempt again to feed NMEA 0813 position from Raymarine to Ockam and VHF
  16. Pipe Berths? Some progress made 6/1/14
  17. Call Brian McCauley to ask about bottom condition
  18. Begin thinking about Newport Logistics, freezer food, diver for last minute clean…etc…
  19. Possible new shackle for outhaul so pin doesn’t wear on boom.
  20. Install two new shackles at masthead for the spin halyards…wire tie!
  21. Get Larchmont, NY hailport onto transom
  22. Tension uppers more, tune rig properly
  23. CLEAN BOAT (Hire John’s son?  Maybe work alongside John’s son and John? SWAT team?)
  24. Check on order for McMurdo S20 units with Landfall/Sea Safety (Some have arrived…others will make in time for Bermuda)
  25. Ask crew to inform me of all details of any PLB’s that will be aboard and rescue “procedure”
  26. Confirm Med Kit with Hank/Bill
  27. Touch up/seal some raw varnish areas?
  29. Fill Diesel for Block Island Race
  30. Hire diver for Newport cleaning?
  31. install Go Pro somewhere
  32. Install Forespar floating strobe
  33. New Lower Rudder bearing installed.
  34. Throughly wash with fresh water the upper rudder bearing.
  35. Repack rudder stuffing box.
  36. Re-install rudder, quadrant, autopilot arm, steering cables re-tightened and greased.
  37. Gather paperwork from inspection and make sure everything properly initialed and reviewed again.
  38. Silicone port side of binnacle wire feed for the SeatalkNG so no water egress on terminal strip below…considering other preventive measures also.
  39. Sharps hunt.  Wire tie shackles everywhere!
  40. Redo bobstay?
  41. Bobstay retainer?
  42. Mount the sidemount XCS0819 for pole out!!!!!!
  43. Install new gasket for seat locker and propane compartment…also lazarette?
  44. Install additional line bags and cup holders.
  45. Boatspeed offset calibration and other calibrations!
  46. STC paperwork for Bill, Carter, Pete, Jon
  47. Emergency water/rations review!!!!
  48. FOOD!!!! confirm the plan…
  49. MEAT Freezer for basement?  Ralph’s Electric!?
  50. Call Tylaska about the pins slipping on some of the T12’s and T10’s on halyards…
  51. Hot knife #1 luff ropes down 6″
  52. Hot knife the tack area of sails previously cut to be above pre-feeder…
  53. Disinfect bilge

New watch!
Call Newport yachting center to confirm reservations
Dry good shopping
Review thru hull chart