Tip for getting weather over the DeLorme InReach

hmmm…. saw some good tips and then read ALL of the comments. ¬† Really nice “Service” but if you REALLY REALLY needed weather for an extended trip you sure should have an alternate source I think… ¬†nonetheless…latest tip from the creator…

Re: Up-to-date Weather Reports on DeLorme inReach on 11/03/2014 22:29:18 MST Print View
Wx2InReach is once more available to new users. I’ve re-engineered it to use DeLorme’s email interface instead of SMS, and the number of users is no longer capped. The only change is that forecast requests now have to be sent from your InReach to wx2inreach@gmail.com, not the old SMS number. This is still in beta test so please bear with me if you find any bugs. As before, keep an eye on http://wx2inreach.weebly.com for updates.

also interesting “tip” about trying to setup a preset message of some sort to not incur messaging costs… or at least minimize them…and make sending the weather request “easier” from the device:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Up-to-date Weather Reports on DeLorme inReach on 07/02/2014 14:25:29 MDT Print View
“I defined “wx now” to “+17204632647” ((not certain this text works any more…might need to be replaced by email above…) as one of my pre-set messages, which makes sending my request for the weather report free.”But again, that depends on the service plan that you have and how many other messages you send.–B.G.–

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