Autopilot Control Head installation and networking

The autopilot control head is currently planned as a Raymarine p70r. It needs to be connected by Seatalk ng cables to the course computer (Raymarine Spx30)

Network cabling needs to run from the control head (position to be determined) to the back bone cable.
Cable from the SPX30 Course computer needs to run to the backbone.
Cable from the E80 at the helm needs to run to the backbone(?) or is that already a backbone and begins the backbone (confirm visually on Honahlee…draw out and measure cable runs and order cables (3-15-14) ┬áConfirmed cable from E80 is a SPUR cable…cable from SPX30 is a spur cable… ┬áSo I need a backbone cable, two terminators….still need to determine where Control head ties in wiring-wise

Raymarine p70r




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