Done, finished and back home safely…

Sure I would have liked to have been able to update this blog from the middle of the ocean…or at least from Bermuda….but the reality of the intensity of the race and the intensity of the celebration on just arriving safely in Bermuda let alone winning is a lot to overcome to focus on such a “lower” priority as posting some stuff on the internet.  In the next week or so I will try and post some pictures and other good stuff from our EPIC win…as well as our FABULOUS ride home.

Happy July 4th!

Here is a proof of a great photo from Billy Black and a PDF of the other proofs we can choose from for high quality reproductions.  Billy is one of the best most hardworking and dedicated marine photographers out there!  Billy Black Proofs

Honahlee Start NB 2014


Great thing about the Newport-Bermuda Race is…

There are many great things about the Newport-Bermuda Race…but one particularly great thing as an owner is that the boat gets completely looked over from stem to stern and mast base to mast head…literally.  In doing so the boat becomes safer for everyday cruising and racing…and projects to improve the boat have no more excuses for delay!…

After nearly 20 years (10 years of my ownership) HONAHLEE finally has main salon pipe berths!  This is important for weather-side weight but also comfort as we are sailing with 12!

photo (6)

Last minute items


Anchor locker closure
Pole safety
Shorten pole out and mark out
Silver sharpie
Paperwork check
Emergency VHF
Simrad GPS relocate antenna!!!!!!!!
Heavy weather radar post strops
Hockey tape mainsheet block
Secret sauce
Keel plug check and caulk
Spare bilge pump
Flush aft holding tank
Check autopilot wiring
Re calibrate auto pilot.
Lock autopilot rudder indicator!!!!!!!!
Crew container bags
Wrap boat gear for container
Washers for grounding system in CPU from Helmut
Install 2nd computer monitor
Check garage freezer operation
Freeze cases of Poland spring
Call AYC again for lost gear bag
Find goggles and sleeve
Rum stash!!!!!!
Swim ladder!
Fuel up!
Water tanks flushed and refilled
Reread requirements and safety requirements
Computer printer
Rite in rain paper
Sail repair kit Glory

Late night pipe berth grommet installation

Gulf Stream Sources

John Hopkins Thermal Imagery (AVHRR)

NOAA Ocean Prediction Center Imagery (Beware some OLD…!!!!!)

Link to “The Riddler’s” Gulf Stream info…(Just kidding Frank!…its not easy being navigator (:

And Frank’s “primer”:
Frank Bohlen’s Gulf Stream Primer

Frank’s Gulfstream Primer #1

Frank’s Gulfstream Primer #2

Frank’s Gulfstream Primer #3
Just before race?



Fri. June 20th – Newport-Bermuda Race

GPS Transponder tracking for shoreside friends and family will be available at this link:

The service is being provided by  YellowBrick will undoubtedly have a link on their site also.

Any shoreside friends or family should NOT be concerned if our tracker malfunctions or fails to report.  They CAN call the boat satellite phone and let us know that our tracker is not functioning.  IF we do not answer the Satellite Phone they SHOULD try to call again and if we do not answer again they SHOULD contact race officials to inform them.  Even then malfunctions and battery issues can occur and no undue stress should be suffered.

Looking forward to the race!!!

P.S. – I decided not to post publicly the satellite phone number for the boat.  I am going to presume that any friend or family will have received the number (and instructions NOT to call it unless emergency) or that they will know of family member to contact to inform…